Rabu, 19 September 2012

FloCat Flow Meter CD Catalog

The FloCat CD Catalog is information packed with thousands of flow measurement solutions. The CD catalog provides part numbers, product specifications, pricing and delivery information. Internet links are embedded to provide live access to the FloCat website where you can place an online order, seek additional technical support or view special promotions such as FREE gifts with purchase. The CD catalog includes the following flow-metering technologies:

· Magnetic
· Thermal Mass
· Ultrasonic
· Vortex Shedding
· In-line Turbine and Paddle Wheel
· Insertion Turbine and Paddle Wheel
· Variable Area
· Positive Displacement
· Differential Pressure
· Flow Switches

The CD catalog includes numerous models in each technology with a wide range of flow rates and pipe sizes to fit almost any application. In addition, FloCat offers compatible transmitters and readout devices for electronic integration. For each item, the CD catalog explains the technical features and specifications. Technical drawings, photographs, and compatibility charts help determine which item best fits an application.

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